Jonny Gutteridge


I am interested in helping people create and explore new possibilities for themselves through coaching. It’s an offer to you to look at questions about your thoughts and feelings and identify for yourself how you would like to change your world.

My training, the Animas Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, is accredited by the three leading professional associations: the International Coach Federation, the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and the Association for Coaching. I chose this training over other coaching courses because it allows you to consider your goals in light of deeper reflections about yourself and your needs.

I have been helping people make change and pursue dreams for 30 years, from coaching young volunteers and supporting friends to mentoring charity leaders. Through my journey I have developed understanding of the importance of personal experiences and differences in shaping how we imagine our future.

My aim as a coach is to help you achieve the change you want, usually by exploring your thoughts and feelings about topics that are important to you. We can work together face to face, or via online call, or outdoors in connection with nature.